Training Thinking and Decision Making

CTI has developed and tested innovative training methods to improve critical thinking skills in real-worldl decision making.

The training is based on research literature in a variety of fields, and our own research on mental models and critical thinking. The training has been developed and evaluated successfully in both Army and Navy contexts.

Training for Critical Thinking on the Battlefield was developed specifically for Army battlefield commanders and command staff. It was used in an advanced tactics course at the Command and General Staff College, Leavenworth, KA, in the spring of 1999. CTI received an award for one of the five most outstanding SBIR projects in 1999 as a result of this work.

The Army training focuses on strategies for building, critiquing, and improving situation models and plans. It focuses on three major battlefield themes: purpose, time, and maneuver. Purpose refers to an understanding of the higher-level context and objectives within an organization. Time refers to influencing proactively or anticipating the actions of others, both friend and foe. Maneuver combines these two elements: It is the effort to achieve high-level purposes in the least costly way, by influencing the enemy's ability to make effective decisions.

Critical thinking raining was also developed and tested for Navy

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Naval Air Warfare Center / Training Systems Division, Orlando, FL

CTI developed training techniques to improve decision making by Naval anti-air and anti-surface warfare officers. The training has been shown to improve performance in experimental tests with active-duty officers at several Naval training facilities. The training has been extended to include teams and use of a decision support system.

Army Research Institute, Ft. Leavenworth, KS

CTI developed and tested techniques for training Army command staff in situation assessment and critical thinking skills.

The training advanced from a classroom, paper and pencil method to an computer-based interactive system available on CD or over the web.

The training improved performance in experimental tests at Army posts around the country.

Naval Air Warfare Center / Training Systems Division, Orlando, FL

Based on a model of distributed team performance, CTI is developing hypotheses regarding the most effective use of planning and enhanced mission rehearsal to improve collaborative decision making by geographically separated subteams.

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