How to Get to CTI

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4200 Lorcom Lane Arlington, VA 22207
(703) 524-4331
(703) 527-6417 (fax)


Directions to CTI from:

Directions from Washington Reagan National Airport:

1. Exit the airport on the George Washington Parkway heading north. The easiest way to do this is to follow Signs for "395 North Washington" as you leave the airport. Once out of the airport, however, do not follow signs for 395.

2. Stay on the George Washington Parkway heading north for about 3.6 miles. There is a fork where you must bear right. But do not turn right at exits for 395 north or south. The Potomac River will be on your right as you pass under the approaches for Roosevelt Bridge and Key Bridge.

3. Turn left from the George Washington Parkway onto Spout Run. This is a two-lane divided road through a wooded area.

4. Turn right from Spout Run at the Lorcom Lane exit.

5. Stay on Lorcom Lane until you pass the intersection of Lorcom and Military Road. This is a relatively large intersection, with a stop light and two churches on the corners. Before Military, you will have passed an intersection with Vacation Lane.

6. Turn left from Lorcom Lane onto Vacation Lane. NOTE: This is the second intersection of Lorcom and Vacation, the one that comes after Military Road. Vacation is a crescent shaped street and intersects Lorcom twice.

4200 Lorcom Lane is a stone house sitting diagonally on the lot at the far left corner of Lorcom and Vacation. The house number is on the light post in the yard. You can park on either side of Vacation Lane.

Directions from Dulles International Airport:

1. Exit the airport and head east toward Washington on the Dulles Access Road (the main highway leaving the airport).

2. Ignore all exits, including ones for I-495. The Dulles Access road will automatically funnel you into I-66 east, in the direction of Washington.

3. Continue on I-66 past sign: "Arlington next 6 exits" Exit at Glebe Road, Route 120.

4. Pass light on small side street to major light at Glebe Road. Turn left (north) on Glebe.

5. Continue north on Glebe Road to Lee Highway, Route 29. Turn right on Lee Highway.

6. Bear right at fork on Lee Highway, pass small shopping center on your right.

7. Turn left at next light after fork, onto Lorcom Lane. NOTE: The street name is Lorcom on the left and Woodstock on the right. So, if you see Woodstock on the street sign, you're OK. Make a left.

7. Go approximately straight through major intersection, with a very slight jog right (not a full right turn).

8. Continue on Lorcom Lane a few blocks. Turn right at Vacation Lane and park. 4200 Lorcom is stone house on near righthand corner, diagonal on lot, with number on light post.

Directions from I-95 south:

1. If you are coming north on I-95 from the south, continue to beltway, take I-495 in direction of Rockville.

2. Exit on I-66 east, in direction of Washington.

3. See directions from Dulles, starting at step 3.

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