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Marvin S. Cohen
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CTI's mission: To create and apply technologies for knowledge, reasoning, dialogue, and decision - based on cognitive science, decision theory, information technology, and practical experience.

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Marvin S. Cohen, CTI is an independent small business located in Arlington, Virginia. The firm pursues research in human-centered technologies in order to develop innovative and effective applications for training and computer support for cognitive skills. CTI's staff combines expertise and practical experience in:

CTI staff have in-depth experience with a large range of customers, including the Army, the Navy, the U.S. intelligence community, the Air Force, NASA, and others.

Cognitive Technologies at the Cutting Edge

See below for highlights of CTI's recent work on critical thinking, leadership, decision making, trust in decision aids, and other cognitive technologies


Cognitive Technologies on the Cutting Edge

CTI has studied the way users interact with advanced decision aiding systems and has developed methods for adapting decision aid displays and reasoning strategies to human cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

CTI developed a decision analytic theory of trust in decision aids that conceptualizes it as a situation-specific expectation of system performance, over different time periods and conditional on different phases and circumstances of use. The model makes predictions about the dynamic evolution of trust and the appropriateness of different user interaction strategies (e.g., when monitoring is or is not appropriate). We have developed training for critical thinking by decision aid users based on the model.

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